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Custom Photographic and Iluustrative Imaging
This 3Dmodel was edited by production partner Kapasky Video.    
    Subsequently the 3D object model was set up to perform in a motion graphics presentations.      Also see
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From Every Angle... We compose 3D models that can be viewed from from any angle. Whether its your logo, Wordmark or detailed object, images are rendered with surface, textures and reflections. The 3D model can then animated and rotated to any angle. The final is converted to any 2D file format or video/animation format for web or print applicatio


"A Picture says 1000 words–but only when there's good ideas in there"
Jafla design composes images which suit your project requirements and your image. Ultimately it will reach the targeted audience with more impact.
Contact Jafla Graphics to discuss graphic options that suit with your ' image'.



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Animated images - Video effects
Custom Imaging   Jafla Graphics: Illustration   Process: Spets and Stages of your job
Carefully blended hand drawn art, 2D &3D graphic and photographic images offer endless possibilities in creating your design solution.
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spacer Custom illustration and stylized drawings offer you a distinctive expression. Ink, Pencil , Oil Pastel, Oil on Canvas and Watercolour are a few of my specialty mediums.  
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spacer Find out all the steps from A to Z ; from the sketch book to the press. View your concepts and designs right on-line for quick approvals and reference.  
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We maintain your image across different media.  With years of print experience and HTML coupled with inate creative talents, Jafla Graphics is able to provide well-rounded knowledge to create distinctive unique solutions. Call to learn how we can help with your print and web projects.
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